Episode 26 - “The One Who Rebels”

A few days ago, I was in Berlin Germany on a personal trip, and I decided to interview someone local for my show. The goal was to draw parallels between immigration in Germany Vs. the US and get an understanding of the immigration process in Germany, a country that is home to over a million refugees and has recently experienced a backlash against its more welcoming stance on immigration. A friend of a friend introduced me to Thair Orfahli. Thair grew up in Syria, in a middle-class family, his childhood was relatively healthy, and he was studying law in Lebanon when the Syrian war broke out, what ensued was a series of fateful events which led him to leave everything behind, risk his life by riding a flimsy boat across the Mediterranean to get to Germany and seek asylum. He is a refugee who was granted political asylum in Germany. We met in a cafe for our interview, and I would admit that the sound quality is not stellar due to poor acoustics. But I promise you this- his story is one of the best stories I have featured on my show.

Saadia Khan